An Investor Growth rating

An investor has the best ability to seek a higher return and take on higher risk when they have a long-term time horizon. Investors have their longest time horizons, and therefore a high tolerance for risk, when they are young. Young people also tend to be less experienced with having money. As a result, they are often tempted to focus on how money can benefit them in the present, without focusing on any long-term goals

Just saving money is great, but it does not offer much, if any profit like an investment can. Being patient is the key to seeing the benefits of investment, so remember that while it seems like you’re giving your money away at first, it will be well worth it in the end when you get that final return on all of your hard work and money invested. Not only will you have money for the future, but investing can be fun as well


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Return On Investment

ROI means Return on Investment. The ROI is how much money you make on your investments. To get an idea of how well your investments are performing, you can calculate the ROI by dividing an investment’s gains by its costs. Although no sure-shot formula has yet been discovered for success in stock markets, however if you navigate to our investment options you can manually calculate by using the minimum, maximum values to calculate your ROI.